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Hope Town Hero

Hope Town Hero

Welcome to Hope Town! You are a young person with big dreams and an even bigger heart who has been given the chance to explore a new place. What do you do?

Meet the residents of this growing town and discover what you have to offer to each other. Learn from them, collect all their Knowledge Cards, and gain Star Points that you can use to unlock more stories, knowledge, guided reflections, and activities.

Hope Town is a place for building your life skills! Know how to write an effective CV and cover letter, get ready to ace that interview, understand what a good job offer is, and so much more. Hope Town Hero will help develop your critical thinking skills and simulate real-life situations through Brain Teasers and Scenarios so you can be prepared when you encounter these in real life.

Learn at your own pace and revisit your Journal whenever the lessons you've taken become relevant in the real world. You can also take some quiet time to update your reflections.

Come back every few months to see if a new place in town has opened up or if new residents and visitors have come around!

We hope you join and enjoy the journey of becoming a Hope Town Hero!

Alternative Learning System

Alternative Learning System

Course Overview
The Alternative Learning System course is an online reviewer that will help learners prepare for the Accreditation and Equivalency Test of the Department of Education (Philippines).  The subjects covered in this course are Math, English and Science.   Anna, the virtual learning guide, will direct learners through lessons and activities in each subject.

Learners will receive a certificate at the end of the course and after all the activities are completed and the feedback is submitted.

Learning Objectives
In this course, learners will learn:
    • the different types of figurative language
    • how to interpret schematic diagram, bar graphs,pie chart and table
    • how to identify the main idea, read and interpret data presented in a pie graph
    • how to solve problems using the Pythagorean theorem
    • how to compute the diameter, radius and circumference ofa circle
    • about the internal structure of Earth
    • the different processes that occur along the plate boundaries of Earth
    • the properties of metals
    • the respiratory and circulatory system
    • the different parts of the reproductive system and their function
Estimated Duration:  2.5 hours
Language:  Taglish (combination of Tagalog and English)
Enrollment Key:  ALS0001 (NOTE:  If you are a Plan International project participant, please contact your Plan W4W Project Officer/Coordinator and request for the enrollment key).

This course was developed in partnership with the Department of Education Quezon City Division (Philippines).

EntrepreNerds 2.0

EntrepreNerds 2.0

Course Overview
The EntrepreNerds course is a simulation game through which players will be equipped, step by step, with the necessary skills to set up a small business. The journey includes 3 levels for players to master, namely:
     Level 1:The Ingenious Apprentice
     Level 2: The Efficient Manager
     Level 3: The Artful Boss

In each level, players will be challenged with a lot of brain-teasing-but-interesting questions, problems and case studies, through which they will gradually accumulate the knowledge and skills in doing business. 

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn the basic knowledge about doing business and how to apply them by making decisions in this business simulation game.

Skills Acquired
The journey will go through 10 critical topics in doing business:
    • Planning
    • Market research
    • Advertising and promotions
    • Decision-making
    • Negotiation
    • Investment
    • Finding a niche market
    • Communication skills
    • Business ethics
Estimated Duration:  7 hours
Language:  Burmese, English
Target Audience:  Ages 15 - 35

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Course is composed bite-sized webinar videos for business owners who want to go promote their products in the digital space. Using digital platforms is essential to getting your product out to a wider audience which in turn can help you grow your business more.

By the end of the course you'll be assessed based on your understanding of the course materials passing the test will earn you a certificate!

Duration: 6 Hours

Life Skills Training (English)

Life Skills Training (English)

Course Overview
The Life Skills Training course is a guided interactive hike that will take the learners on a mountain trail journey to the essential life skills needed to succeed in the world of work.  The camps in the trail represent the different life skills which the learners are free to explore in any order.  At the end of each camp is a quiz and a wildcard which will be received after all the camp activities are completed.

The learner will receive a certificate after all the activities are completed and the evaluation submitted.

Learning Objectives
In this course, the learners will learn: 
    • the importance of Values, goals and purpose
    • how to communicate effectively
    • how to enhance problem solving skills and learn to distinguish information from multiple source
    • the key financial concepts, the difference between needs and wants, formulate your own financial plan
    • how to navigate and communicate through different digital platforms
    • the physical, mental and reproductive
    • the necessary skills to protect from disasters, adapt to ongoing effects of climate change, how to protect the environment
Skills Gained
In the Life Skills Training journey, you will gain the following skills:
    • Intra-personal skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Digital literacy
    • Financial literacy
    • Communication skills
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Sexual and reproductive health rights
    • Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

Estimated Duration:  90 minutes
Language:  English
Enrollment Key:  LST0001 (NOTE:  If you are a Plan International project participant, please contact your Plan W4W Project Officer/Coordinator and request for the enrollment key)

Life Skills Training (Taglish)

Life Skills Training (Taglish)

Handa ka na ba para sa independent na pamumuhay? 

Ang Life skills ay adaptive at positibong pag-uugali na makakatulong sa atin sa pagharap sa mga demand at challenges sa pang araw-araw.  Ito rin ay tinatawag na “psychosocial competency”.  Ang mga skills na ito ay makakatulong sa mga kabataang babae at kabataang lalaki na maging empowered, confident, at matatag bilang paghahnda sa kanilang pagtatrabaho.

Enrollment Key:  LST0001
(NOTE:  Kung ikaw ay isang Plan International project participant, makipagugnayan sa iyong Plan W4W Project Officer/Coordinator at mag-request ng enrollment key).

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EntrepreNerds course UPGRADE!!

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Dear YES!ACADEMY users!!!  Watch out for the release of the new version of EntrepreNerds tomorrow, 09 June,  In line with that, we will be removing the old EntrepreNerds course.

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